Trail Registry is our project for HDTS 2011 at High Desert Test Sites. Inspired by registries found at trailheads, we created Trail Registry to help delineate the entrance to the Pioneertown site. The registry encourages people to leave and/or take a memento tied to the enameled aluminum rods, similar to the way people leave rocks in a pile at the top of a mountain or leave artifacts near trailheads. We hope that this creates a sense of exploration and personal narrative of both the site and the area as a whole. Trail Registry is inspired by totem poles and nudie suits, with representations of the variety of flora and fauna of the high desert. The registry is made of Doug Fir that has been CNC milled to create the form, and includes an aluminum strip in between the "front" and "back" of the two vertical totems, creating a juxtaposition between new and old materials.

Trail Registry is a long-term project in Pioneertown. Directions to the site are available here.