Our proposal for Sunset Junction seeks to create a true community gathering place in the heart of Silverlake. Located on a key site where Sunset Boulevard meets Santa Monica Boulevard, our proposal invites the public to enjoy the outdoor community space defined by colorful powder-coated teepees, diverse landscapes, and reclaimed boardwalk flooring and seating.

Retired metal sign posts will be powder-coated to create four teepees that delineate gathering spaces and provide shade as foliage begins to grow at their peaks. Seating areas run along the perimeter of each teepee and provide a comfortable and hospitable place to relax and meet friends and neighbors.

Bike racks are integrated into the design of the space, allowing visitors to safely lock their bikes as they enjoy Sunset Junction and the surrounding neighborhood amenities. Parking for up to ten bicycles is provided on the north side of the site.

Four different gardens are included on the site to create a diverse and visually stunning landscape: an aromatic garden, an herb garden, a desert garden, and a rugged garden.

Bunting in the form of various iconic street art found across Silverlake is strung across the four teepees as a colorful homage to the birds, sneakers, and letters that hang across power lines throughout the neighborhood. Photovoltaic cells are attached to the bunting to help power the string of LED bulbs that light the space in the evening.

Our vision for this site is to create a new community gathering space for residents and neighbors to enjoy throughout the day and into the evening. Sunset Junction is a vital part of the neighborhood, and we hope that our proposal helps to foster community and engage the public in new, meaningful ways